The deadline for submitting the project is set for April 30 2023.


The art residency will be held between June 12th and June 26th.

The cultural association Encontrarte, in collaboration with the council of Ledro and Ledro’s Alpine Natural Reserves Network, are now searching for two new artwork projects that will be placed along Ledro Land Art’s artistic walk next to the Assat river, leading all the way to Malga Cita, in Pur.

Ledro Land Art is an artistic walk in a natural area whose inspiring priciples and goals are the integration between art and nature, the relationship between humans and nature, respect for the environment, the landscape discovery and its bonds with the territory’s history and traditions.

The selected works will be realized partially or totally on the spot and inserted along the park’s walking path. The’ll be exposed to atmospheric conditions and seasons, determining changes and progressive deterioration of the artworks. Given that the works are frequently transient in nature, every art piece in Ledro Land Art is professionally documented through audio-video interviews, work-in-progress and photoes (at our association’s expense) which will be available on the website.



All artists or groups of artists who are eighteen years old on the date of registration can participate in the selection.

In order to participate, the project must be sent by 30 April 2023 to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Specify in the e-mail object “Participation in the selection of works 2023 Ledro Land Art”, attaching a single pdf file containing:

– Selection / portfolio of your previous works,

– Resume should countain: personal data, including phone contacts and emails, a summary of your profile with an indication of your training and exhibition / performance activities carried out in the artistic field;

– A clear and exhaustive intervention project which shows the description and meaning of the work to be carried out and the materials that will be used. A clear sketch of the work and any rendering (optional) must be attached to the project.

The documentation sent will not be returned. The data provided will be processed in accordance with the Legislative Decree. n. 196/2003.


The selection of the artworks will take place at the discretion of qualified experts in artistic and environmental subjects identified by the Association, according to the following criteria:

– Coherence with Ledro Land Art’s goals

 – Meaning / concept

– Technical feasibility

– Durability

 – Aesthetic quality

– Originality

The evaluation and selection process will incontestably be carried out by a pool of experts.


The selected artists will be able to work on site from the 12.06.2023 to 26.06.2023 and will be hosted in an apartment. Hospitality includes one meal per day (lunch or dinner). The association will be available to support artists with convenient pricing for their other meal. If the terms of the realization of the artworks are not respected, the artist will have to find a new accomodation independently.


The spending proposal cannot exceed € 2000.00 including taxes and social security charges (VAT system or occasional self-employment). The payment will be received only after the work is completed and insepected by the commission, to ensure that the intervention is carried out as planned in the approved project.

All activities necessary to the execution of the artwork will be at the artist’s expense. The association can provide the technical support of one person and gears necessary for the work, as long as these requests are communicated in advance, agreed upon and compatible with the association possibilities.

The council administration reserves the right to plan with the artist any restoration or removal of the artwork.

It is desirable that the artists go to the park for an early inspection. (We are available to accompany the artists to agree upon the work’s final location.)

If unable, the council administration will send pictures with some hypothtical locations for the new artwork.

Selected artists:

– will commit to adequately fix the work in order to ensure safety of visitors;

– are civilly and criminally responsible for all activities pertinent to the construction and installation of the works and for all damages that may occur in the execution and construction phases, both directly and indirectly, to people, things and animals, including other service providers.

The ownership of the works of art will be acquired by the Municipality of Ledro, and also, pursuant to Article 11 of Law 22 April 1941, n. 633 and subsequent amendments, the copyright of the same in addition to the rights of use

The works ownership will belong to Ledro’s council administration, and also, according to the senseas of L. 22 April 1941, n. 633 and following modifications, the author’s rights of ownership and the consequent economical use, in particular pubblication, reproduction, communication and distribution rights.


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