“Costanza” is an environmental work of art conceived and created by the talented artist Matteo Cretti and a collective of people. The spider, the central protagonist of this extraordinary creation, stands out for its distinctive characteristic: unlike conventional spiders that weave intricate webs to trap their prey, the huntsman spider takes an active and wandering approach in the search for food. The sculpture thus embodies the dynamism of the hunt, enhancing its majesty and its ability to maneuver in the surrounding environment.

The name “Costanza” is not just a mere nickname, but adds a further layer of meaning to the work itself. On the one hand, the term recalls the commitment and dedication required to create this impressive sculpture of reclaimed wood, underlining the tenacity and “consistency” necessary in the creative process. On the other hand, the name connects directly to the intrinsic characteristics of the hunting spider, highlighting the “constancy” essential in pursuing its mission of capturing the food necessary to survive. In this way, Costanza becomes not only an impressive visual work, but also a conceptual experience that invites the viewer to reflect on the connection between art and nature, perseverance in the creative act and the strength inherent in the constant search for own goals, as embodied by the huntsman spider that inspires this extraordinary artistic creation.