The main sources of inspiration for the work of Alessandro Pavone are the need to protect the environment and the local traces of human life in the form of archaeological remains.

The rough hands of those who in the past lived on and worked this earth are the subject of the huge sculpture by Pavone, who carved trunks piled in the centre of a clearing for days, working quickly and confidently with the blade of his chainsaw, to give shape to the immense hands in natural wood, now entrusted to the forest and the seasonal cycles. These are hands that speak, using that special and suggestive vocabulary of gesture, that caress the sky, gather the rain and the sun, greeting the trees all round and beckoning to human observers.

Left to the forces of nature and freed from the weight of their material, they rest on their backs, showing the palms that bear the marks of life just as the trunks from which they are made.