Marco Gobbi, Cristiano Menchini, Adriano Valeri – 2013

Like wood mobiles”  is an abitative structure for two individuals, suspended between two trees. It is a cozy and meditative space, persistent but subject to atmospherical motility and inspired by the kinetic art of Alexander Calder. The principles of movement and balance, introduced by the art of the American sculpture with the mobiles, are here proposed in an intervention by the artistic formation “How we dwell” (make your own residence) which transfers them into the landscape attributing to the not only an eaesthetic function but also abitative

The project revolves around the idea of artistic residence, of permanence of the artist in a space to realize its artpiece. The three artists, which throughout the realization of the work lived in it, made the experience the core moment of the intervention in which the processes of living throughout the different phases of the construction become an integral part of the installation.