Collettivo 00 – 2019

The installation develops the thesis of kràsis (“Merging”) between humans and Nature, making the separation between them fluid. The intent is to create an oniric space defined by the dynamics between people and Nature, an oasis which has its own characteristics and make it become a point of contacct which is unique and recognizable. Through the use of mirroring surfaces that wrap the tree trunks the perception of space is altered, wide and twisted; the border between us and vegetation becomes something which is mutating in a potentially infinite illusion.

Through the inversion of our own image into the plant profiles and the reflection of Nature itself, we do not only erase the perceptive limits of the pine forest, but we also reflect on the categories of men and nature, proposing a vision of the world which is eco-centric and environmentalist without ties to the dominant atropocentrism.