Ledro Land Art is a trail laid out in natural surroundings and launched in 2012 by the Municipality of Ledro to harness the potential of the landscape and promote reflection on artistic practice and the natural surroundings.

In the Pur pine forest, one of the green breathing spaces of Valle di Ledro, artistic creativity joins forces with nature in an effort to reinterpret the spaces of the locality and interact with its elements, through the forms adopted by the artists taking part in the project. Along this atmospheric trail that runs along the Assat mountain stream to the Malga Cita the landscape acts as both host and partner in dialogue of these site-specific works that are executed in situ during the summer season.

The local landscape is at centre of the project, serving at once as the context that hosts it and the object of reflection for the artists involved, as suggested by the term Land Art, used as an umbrella concept in constant evolution for practices sometimes very far removed from present historical trends. These new processes of interaction with the place develop inside an environment whose specific characteristics allow a cyclical renewal of exhibition and performance-based events, setting off a process of reflection, of work, of cooperation and innovation that finds its starting point in the interaction between human beings and nature, the rediscovery of the landscape and its links with local history and traditions.

Sentiero nel bosco Ledro Land Art

Given the often provisional nature of the works, the audiovisual documentation of the process of execution forms an integral part of Ledro Land Art, building over time into an ongoing digital archive that can be accessed online through the ‘Artists’ section of the event’s website.

Ledro Land Art works on three levels, as a tourist, cultural and nature trail, while also showing how the raw materials used by our ancestors since prehistoric times can take on new life and be reinterpreted in order to live in the present and be projected into the future.

The Ledro Land Art trail, situated at the top of the Val di Pur, represents an important cultural link between the valley floor and the mountains, part of the Ledro Museum Network–ReLed project established in 2011 in order to ensure coordinated, competitive and attractive management of the cultural and environmental potential of the Ledro area.