The cultural association Encontrarte, in collaboration with the council of Ledro and the Alpines net of Ledro, start the project research for the insertion of two new works in the inner of the artistic way Ledro Land Art, in Pur, along the path that coast the river Assat bring to Malga Cita.

Ledro Land Art is an artistic way in the natural area whose inspiring main and purpose are the integration between art and nature, the relation among human and nature, the respect for the environment, the landscape discovery and his bonds with history and territory tradition.

The selection works will realize partially or totally in the place and insert in the open air way, subordinate then at the change and deterioration in base also of atmospheric causes. Date the nature frequently transient of the works, in part Ledro Land Art integrated is the audio-video professional documentation of
the works realize course realization (at the expense of the association) that will be insert in the site’s inner


Can participate all the artist or artist groups to the selection that at the date inscription have 18 years old.
For participate is necessary send the project within the 30th April 2020 to the address:
[email protected] specifically in the object :
“Participation selection 2020 Ledro Land Art”,
attaching the following documents:

  • selection of their own works
  • resume that include beyond personal data, telephone contact and e-mail, a recap of your own profile with the indication of your own formation and of the activity expositive/performative conduct in the artistic camp.
  • Intervention project, clear and thorough, with the descriptive indication and the work sense that intend realize and the material that will be use. At the project must be enclosed necessarily the endeavor sketch and possible rendering (facultative).

The documentation transmit won’t be return. The dates supplied will be tract to the sense of D.lgs. n.1967/2003.


The limit for the project presentation is agreed upon for the 30th April 2020.
The result will be announced within 9th May 2020.
The works selection will future a reserve of experts qualified in artistic materials and environmental locate
from the Association, on the basis of the following parameters:

  • coherence whit the Ledro Land Art purpose
  • sense
  • technique practicably
  • durability
  • esthetic technique

The works individuation to realize is to incontestable judgment of the expert locate.


The selected artists will be able to work on the place from 17th to 30th May 2020 and will be host in a flat.
The hospitality include a meal (lunch or dinner). The Association will be active for guarantee the assisted price for the second meal possibly consumed from the artists. In case the work realization won’t be deliver in the limit indicated, the artist must find independently an arrangement for board and lodging.

The spending proposal won’t overcome 1200,00 € included the fiscal charges and social security (regime VAT tax or work independent occasional performance).

All the activity and the charges for the work art execution are at the artist expense. The Association, if communicated and agreed upon with anticipation and anyway compatibly with your own possibility, can make available technique support of one person and possible gear for phase demanding of the production.

The council Administration reserves the right of plan with the artist the possible demage part reactivation or the work removal.

Is desirable that the artists go early in the park for an inspection. (The association offer available to accompany the artists for agree upon the location for the work collaboration)

If there isn’t the possibility the council Administration will provide to send some pictures with many location suppose for the new work collocation.

The selected artists:

  • commit to put/place the work fix adequately;
  • they are responsibles civil and penally for all the activities deduce and pertinent the works realization and installation and for all the damages that can happen in the execution and realization of the same, directly and indirectly, to people, things or animals, include other provider.

The art works propriety will be understood from Ledro Common, and also, to the article 11 senses of L. 22 April 1941, n. 633 and following modification the right author of the own beyond the rights of economy consequents utilization, and in particularly the works publication right, of reproduction, of communication and of distribution.

PER INFORMAZIONI:  Associazione culturale Encontrarte

Massimiliano Rosa  Tel. 0464591121  Cell. 3470758731   E-mail  [email protected]

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