Luca Degara’s work sees generous dimensions twinned with lightness of materials. The local larch-wood was worked in such a way that all of the pieces come from a single trunk cut lengthwise and then bent using steam.

The elements are delicately positioned on the meadow and live in relation to the environment surrounding them. The work is placed in a sort of corridor of the pine wood and, at the point where this corridor bends in one direction , the work also ‘bends’ to follow its path. Like the skeleton of an animal, it lies half-buried waiting for nature to take its course.

The Vault is an installation that seeks harmony and dialogue with its place. It is a space that like the wood encloses, delimits, but without ever completely isolating, creating a balletic movement between light and shadow, the self and the world. The work can be passed through or used as a shelter, allowing thoughts to emerge while one is seated in its interior.