The placement develop the topic of kràsis **(“mixture, integral fusion”) between man and nature, trying to make fluid the clearly division between the two subjects.* *The aim is to create a dreamlike place specify by the dynamic relationship between people and nature, an oasis who has  typical characteristics and became a place unique and recognizable.* *Through the employment of mirrored surfaces that wrap trunk of the pine forest, the perception of the space is altered, dilated and adulterate; the limit between our self and the vegetation became something that change repeatedly in an infinity illusion.* *Through the overturning of the exactly image in the profiles of the plants and the reflection of the nature in itself, do not only want to cut down perceptive limits of the pine forest. However, intend to suggest a sequence of reflections on the categories of man and nature, offering an idea of the world “ecocentrica” and ecologist disconnected from the anthropocentric view.