The Lynx is the largest European feline. It is very elusive, it leaves almost no traces, it lives by blending in perfectly and for this reason it is difficult to study. Due to its presumed dangerousness, despite being an animal that is substantially harmless to humans, it has been persecuted in the past and brought close to extinction.

In recent years, a male has been spotted in Ledro, the only one in Trentino for 13 years. An exceptional event on which the artist Rodolfo Liprandi has drawn attention, offering a tribute to this fascinating and mysterious animal and, at the same time, recalling the need for greater safeguarding of this species.

The installation was created by assembling woods collected directly on site, through an immersive dialogue with the forest and the Alpine territory. The lynx, camouflaged in the vegetation, looks towards the road and observes, with distrust and curiosity, the frequent passage of humans.

PH: Massimiliano Rosa