about us

the project

Ledro Land Art is an art park started in 2012 by Ledro’s municipality as a mean to add value the landscape and promote a reflection on the natural environment and artistic practises. From a wider perspective, the goal of the project is to create an interdisciplinary itinerary, between archeology and art, natural materials, environment and mountain living which would go all the way from Museo delle Palafitte to Tremalzo, a naturalistic site of interest, by walking through the old Pur’s road which leads to Malga Cita and then Bocca Cas√©t. Through our annual calls, tens of site-specific artworks have been created in the park.

From 2017 to 2020 Ledro Land Art is managed by Encontrarte, which manages the annual calls for artists and promotes cultural events along with other organizations from the territory. In this phase the park is an open-air laboratory where workshops and cultural events take place. From upcycling, to theater, arts and collective artworks, to big events like Ledro Land Art Experience and Ledro Land Art Festival.

a cultural entreprise in ledro

From 2021 Ledro Land Art is managed by So.L.E. and became a true start-up enterprise. Thanks to the construction of the infoshop and the synergy between local organizations, particularly Ledro’s municipality, Encontrarte &¬†Smarmellata, our partner APT Valle di Ledro (APT Garda Trentino), Cassa Rurale di Ledro, Rete di Riserve Alpi Ledrensi e Famiglia Cooperativa Valle di Ledro, we have become a true organizaton which promotes innovative development, networking and the preservation of the park. Much attention is dedicated to youth employment & involvement, through opportunities, volunteering, work and workshops.