The chair is the symbol of welcome, respect, responsibility. The chair is the extreme metaphor of space-time and presence-absence, place and affective moment of human encounter or solitude.

The “WELCOME” installation aims to be an unexpected meeting point. Nature (branches) and inhabitants (chairs) through art offer a welcoming space to rest, stay and meet.

The circular shape of the structure is common to the natural world and represents eternity, is part of many ancient alphabets and is one of the first figures drawn by children.

Marisa Merlin’s work seeks to convey a sense of arrival, a message of solidarity, a reflection on the need to build good relationships both between different people and with the environment.

“Benvenuti” pays homage to the tenth anniversary of Ledro Land Art and to the evolutionary phase of this project strongly linked to the community, the territory, the desire and need to network, to create development and opportunities through art, history and culture .