wood spirit


The concept of the installation is the millenary relationship between the human being and the forest. The work in its entirety represents the spirit of the Forest seen in an anthropomorphic key. The central part of the work is a focus on the Man-Nature encounter. A trace of the DNA of the forest which places the emphasis on the millenary exchange of knowledge between the two parties. In the central area in the foreground a tree, with a small hominid at its feet, contemplating the magnificence. The difference in size between the two parts emphasizes the respect we owe to the entire natural world. 

The rest of the work, legs, feet, shoulders and head, is made with different types of wood recovered on site, trying to render the muscles, the underskin of this antriopomorphic figure, as if the artist wanted to go beyond a simple representation of the side external, trying instead to enter deeply by investigating the relationship of interdependence between man and nature.