The installation consist in four large structures, made up with trees blown down by the wind or uprooted by man, overturned in space and wrapped in netting and wool from local sheep shorn in the days prior to the creation of the work.

Charm and fear are the feelings that these characters evoke, who, just like nature, appear at times familiar and sometimes disturbing and mysterious.

The work recalls some archetypal figures: by observing the installation it is possible to imagine demons, heroes and heroines, dancers or magical and surreal creatures such as those of fairy tales or folklore traditions.


Eliane Zinner, through this installation, wants to reflect on the double meaning of the term Hospes, host, which originally referred to the “landlord”, that is the one who gives hospitality to the stranger, but who over time has taken on the meaning of person who is welcomed.

The visitor, crossing this part of the forest, will therefore wonder who, in this case, is actually the guest and who’s the host.