Georgia Matteini Palmerini’s artwork is the result of an affectionate memory; as a child she would go on holiday with her parents, and together with her father, an entomologist, would collect anything they found. A habit of the family is to gather, collect and catalogue, and these actions became part of the DNA of the artist. From her past she inherited a fascination for nature and for these microcosms of life.
From micro to macro, to see what is invisible. The installation recalls the eggs of Phasmids (Phasmatidae), also known as stick insects, reinterpreted in scale 70:1 and made of a material as fascinating as ceramics, stoneware (grès).
They are magic eggs, symbols of lightness, beauty and delicacy, of a future becoming, to be imagined and lived. These objects become an element of discovery, a metaphorical emblem of a transformation that takes place almost in invisibility but from which wonderful elements will come to life.
A suspension effect reverberates in the surrounding environment.